Southern Yellow Pine
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Southern Yellow Pine (SYP):  
SYP refers to a group of species of pine found in the southern part of the United States. SYP offers a distinct grain pattern and an appealing golden color which can often match or exceed the beauty of many hardwoods.
Southern Yellow Pine is an abundant and renewable resource, growing in a vast band across the Southern United States from East Texas to Virginia.
SYP has the highest density of all the commonly used structural softwood lumber species and provides superior strength and fastener-holding power. SYP has strength design values that are among the highest for all softwoods. Southern Yellow Pine is highly resistant to wear; therefore, it is suitable for flooring, decks, patios, marinas, boardwalks and other high-traffic applications.
SYP is also one of the easiest softwoods to pressure-treat with preservatives. As a result, treated Southern Yellow Pine is one of the largest segments of the Southern Pine market.
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