Hardwood Veneer
Quick and Easy:  
Caribbean Woods carries plywoods for all your construction needs (in all common sizes too)!
Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry):  
A reddish, hard surfaced, high quality hardwood veneer ply suitable for high end cabinetry and furniture.
Virola Smooth Ply (Brazilian):  
A blondish, brown streaked, moderately hard surfaced veneer ply from the Virola tree.
Copaiba Ply (Brazilian):  
A brownish mahogany-eqsue ply with. Shows a figured grain.
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Economy Ply:  
BCX PT Exterior Ply is made in the USA from pressure treated pine. This a rougher ply made for interior/exterior uses or as a sub floor for wood flooring.
Form Ply:  
High grade pine ply oiled for smooth removal and re-use after forming concrete.
Groove Ply (T1-11):  
3/8”, 1/2″, and 5/8” Pressure Treated Groove Ply
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Marine Ply Information:  
1/4” (6mm) -3/8” (9mm) -1/2” (12mm) -5/8” (15mm) -3/4”(18mm)
Constructed from either Jatoba or Louro Vermelho (Wana) using WBP Glue (industry standard water-proof glue). High grade (AA/BB) Douglas Fir ply with WBP Glue (industry standard water-proof glue).
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Walaba Shingles
Walaba Shingles:  
Caribbean Woods offers high quality, extremely durable sawn Walaba shingles direct from the mill in Guyana!
Walaba shingles are manufactured from the logs of the Walaba tree a dense hardwood which is light red to reddish brown with a straight grain. They are the traditional shingle of the Caribbean because of the their beauty, durability and availability. Walaba shingles are naturally resistant to termites and rot. Over time they weather to a beautiful silver gray. Their length is 18"s, width 4" to 9"s with an average of 6"s and a butt thickness of 1/4". An average bundle can cover 20 to 30 sq feet depending on how they are laid.
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